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To Build Or Not To Build, That Is The Question
Written by Stephen Scammell on 6th April 2020

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As incredible as it may seem, I still get asked by some business owners, “Should I have a  Website.” My answer is always a resounding “YES”. And then I tell them why. 

Whether you want to launch your first website or are going to rebuild your existing site, it  involves a cost that, depending on the complexity of the site, can create havoc with your budget if not done right. So how should you proceed? 

You must first define the purpose and scope of the project before you look for a web developer.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you accomplish this.
     1. What purpose will the website serve?

     2. Do you want prospects and customers to see your phone number and call you?

     3. Do you want to capture leads?

     4. Will you sell any products or services directly from the site?

     5. How many different types of items will you sell from your website?

     6. Do you have a merchant account that will let you accept credit cards online?

     7. Are any of the items you sell in colour?

     8. Will the company that builds the website need to design it as well as set up the pages on  the web? 

     9. How often will you want to update the site? 

     10. Who will do the updates?

     11. What kinds of website design looks attractive to you?

     12. Will you want to capture website visitors’ names to send them emails in the future?

     13. How will you market the website to get visitors to the site?

     14. Have you thought about what your ideal client is looking for when he reviews your  website? 

     15. Who will do the marketing that drives your prospects to your website?

     16. What is your budget for marketing the site?

     17. How will you measure the success of your website?

     18. What capabilities (ordering, database, audio, video, etc) will you need?

     19. Who do you want to use the website? Retail customers, distributors, clients?

     20. Do you want to create a membership platform on your website?

     21. By what date do you want the website finished and turned live on the web?

You must write down the answers to all of these questions and be as specific as possible. Write  down everything you want to accomplish, then arrange your list in order of priority. 

When you are ready to get price quotes, incorporate this information into a project scope  document before you request for quotes. This will ensure you provide the same information to all developers, so they are bidding on the same thing and incorporating the same features in the bids they prepare for you. 

A key fact to be mindful of is the purpose of the site and how it will form part of your lead  generation strategy. Given that people head to the internet and visit websites looking for information and of those visiting a site, only 3% are ready to buy. Your website must have the ability to provide the information your target prospects need and have a way to capture the contact details of as many of the remaining traffic who are not ready to buy. The other part of your lead generation strategy is for you to then maintain contact with them so when they are ready to buy, they come to you. 

I’m sure you can think of more questions. If you require help designing the copy or the layout or  the functionality of your site please contact us.
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