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3 Parts to Digital Marketing Success
Written by Stephen Scammell on Dec. 5th 2020

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Are you struggling to grow your business and know your online presence as an area that needs immediate attention? At Starstruck Marketing, we always operate with the end goal in mind. As a digital marketing agency, our vision is to drive our client’s success. We do this by helping them increase their revenue from online sources. After all, the only reason to hire a digital marketing agency is to drive revenue. With this in mind, after a lot of experience, research, blood and sweat given to the digital marketing process, we’ve outlined our approach for successful digital marketing. If your digital efforts aren’t generating the results you want, or you’re not sure what to do next, then continue reading!

Part 1: Building Your Online Presence

One key area we often talk about is creating doorways for prospects to come into our clients business. These doors can be the website, social media, email signature, QR codes etc., when prospects find these doors they are compelled to open them. Inside these doors they find out information about our clients and are then educated about the benefits of working with our client.

Building Your Online Presence is all about standing out of the crowd and getting found by your ideal clients. This typically starts with a website (or Landing Page) upgrade (or first design), and must include video, and most importantly, video testimonials, which today is critical for a number of reasons. The goals at the end of the day, though, are all about driving traffic to the foundation of your digital marketing efforts – your website. You can have a gorgeous website, but if no one knows about it, it will not be seeing any traffic. Your future efforts are going to be short because you’re missing the input of a steady stream of prospects at the top of your funnel. This can be a long and intensive phase, and always ongoing, but don’t let it scare you off! Do this right, and you will have a constant stream of new traffic, which is the base requirement of a successful marketing strategy.

Driving traffic to your website requires a number of things beyond just website development and having the sites SEO configured correctly. First among these is content production – you need to give people a reason to come. It’s important that you position your business as the place to go to get relevant information that helps your target market solve their problems. A great way to do this is to consistently add blogs to your site. Having the blogs in video format now helps pull in a lot of traffic, and, is one of the best ways to drive new traffic. Content is also critical for enhancing the sites SEO. Making sure your site is optimized (and continuing to refine it) is going to help increase your search traffic, which for most sites is the biggest driver of traffic. Ensure you are positioned on the first Google Page for the key search terms that best describe what you do. Other major sources you’ll want to be sure you’re not forgetting are social media, paid search, referrals, and email traffic. Building out each of these sources takes time and effort, but done right, will give you a well-rounded site that’s attracting people in as many ways as possible to maximise your potential reach and connecting with new leads.

Part 2: Turning Online Traffic into Leads

Driving traffic to your website or landing page can be effectively achieved with a small budget using social media and a compelling offer. A well designed, Facebook ad strategy incorporating the three critical phases of awareness, engagement and conversion will deliver a steady stream of the correct type of traffic to your website. This traffic is warmed up and looking at how your business can solve their problems. Having a constant and solid baseline of traffic to work from like 5,000 users or more per month (may sound like a lot, but remember, average website conversion rates are 2-3%) will be a good start. You begin building these things from the very beginning, though, as it plays in with your content. Customized landing pages, free content offers, and flash sales are just a couple of ways to give all of your wonderful, anonymous browsers a chance to identify themselves, and opt-in to hear more – it’s critical that you get their permission, or you can get yourself into a world of trouble. Incorporating a Conversational Marketing strategy, in the form of a Chatbot, into your site will provide a significant jump in the conversion rate for the site (well above the average listed above). Once they’ve opted in, however, you really start to fill the top of your funnel with leads. Through further engagement, you can sort those out into cold, warm or qualified leads, which gives you the real people you want to be targeting. Find them, love them, and build the entire site around them, because this is the goal of all of that content production, social media posting, and all of the other traffic generation techniques you’re using. For some very practical and specific tips download the Business Growth package available on our website.

Part 3: Converting Leads into Customers

This part is likely to be everyone’s favourite for a simple reason – its where the money comes in. This is where you stop just paying for stuff, and starting getting your money back out of your strategic marketing efforts. You may be thinking “wait, I just filled my funnel, isn’t this is the easy part!” Far from it. Remember, like I said above, the average conversion rate for a standard website is just 2-3%. Making sure that your funnel works and works well is the most important part of the process to do correctly, and, can be the hardest part of all, if you’re not set up with the tools to do it properly. You want everyone that comes to your site, engages with you, consumes your content, and shows themselves as a qualified lead, to actually buy what you have to offer. Refining your nurture process, your offers, your onboarding process, and how easy it is to actually buy from you is how you get that conversion rate up. When you do it right, this is where your digital marketing efforts turn from being a black hole of time and money into a steady stream of constant revenue for your business.

However, as I’ve said before, the real truth here, is that as important as new customers are, the real money is made after the first sale. Real profits lie in keeping your customers coming back to you whenever they have a need for your products or services. This is the framework which we follow to set up our clients for marketing success. We have a carefully crafted, step by step, proven process to take your business from the unknown to generating a constant flow of new well qualified leads. This process works and we hinge our reputation on it performing for our clients and know it will work for you.

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