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How To Get Your Customers To Keep Coming Back  and Bringing Everyone They Know With Them
Written by Stephen Scammell on 1st June 2020

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Do you have a system in place to create Raving Fans of your Business? If not you should start  thinking of implementing one. What is a Raving Fan? It’s a customer who is so enamoured with your business or service that they will bend over backwards to tell their family and friends about you, but will also bring them to you. Often they will make the sale for you. 

That’s a Raving Fan of your business.

The sad part of what I’ve witnessed over the years, is that most business owners spend 10 times  or so more attempting to get new customers, than they do in over servicing their existing customers. 

I’ve also seen where customers have left because of perceived indifference. I don’t believe that  the business owner did anything wrong, but the customers just thought the business owner didn’t care enough. 

Here are some simple ideas and tips that you can implement to develop those customers into  Raving Fans: 

     1. Sell them everything they will need to gain the maximum benefit from what they purchase.

     2. Send them Thank you cards consistently. Even when they don’t make a purchase, send them  a thank you card just for being           your customer/client 

     3. Always use their name when you see them or communicate with them.

     4. When something new arrives in stock, contact them and set up a special event for only those  customers and not the public.
     5. Call them constantly to see if everything is going OK in their lives.

     6. Always, always keep in touch.

In today’s age, it’s just a click of a button on your computer to your data base, and you’re in touch  with your customer/client. 

Try to implement just a few of these tips and remember your team must also do the same.

If you care for your customers/clients, they will care for you and help you grow your business by  bringing their family and friends to your place of business.
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