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Identifying Your Target Market
Written by Stephen Scammell on 8th March 2020

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In my coaching program, a member asked me for suggestions on identifying his target market.  Your target market consists of the people and businesses that are most likely to consistently buy the products and services that you sell. 

Here’s some suggestions.

Identifying your target market is one of the most crucial steps you need to take when you are  launching your products. 

When you have a good handle on who your target customer is, you can then present your product in the most advantageous way using the most efficient media.

1. Start with a problem

A good way to determine who is likely to become your customer is to clarify the problem that your  product or service addresses. 

For example, let’s assume that the problem that you solve is helping individuals to gain better  health. Anyone who is overweight, and would like to lose a few kilo’s, or has a chronic health problem etc., is a potential customer for your products/services. Of course there are many other types of individuals who are a source for the products or services you offer.

2. Define your customer’s characteristics

Listing out the characteristics of your customer is another good step towards identifying them.  These characteristics can pertain to lifestyle, gender, age, income, geographical location and more..

3. What is your primary market?

Lastly, many products and services address the needs of a variety of people but they still have a  primary audience. These are the people who: 

>> Gain the most benefits
>> Have the greatest need for these services/products.
>> Have the ability to pay for them

Knowing who makes up this primary audience should be your primary goal when you are trying  to identify your target market. Once you have identified your target market you can start to craft the message that will compel your prospects to contact you.

Let me know your thoughts and comments below. 
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Author: Stephen Scammell

Stephen Scammell
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