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6 Simple Steps for Generating More Online Leads
Written by Stephen Scammell on Mar. 3rd 2021

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Generating a constant and controlled stream of leads is a smart way to support your business and allow it to grow at a fast rate. An effective lead generation system is one that can be turned on and off as required. It can lower your sales costs, raise your sales revenue, speed up the sales cycle and increase your bottom-line profits.

Here are the basics steps of making lead generation work for your business:

1. Offer something FREE. This is the key to any successful lead generation program. Whether you use Google AdWords, social media ads, direct mail, or other media, you must offer something of high value and FREE to get prospects to raise their hands and say, “I’m interested in this.” You can offer just about anything: FREE booklet, FREE meal, FREE gift, FREE survey, FREE sample, FREE catalog, FREE inspection, FREE consultation, or anything else that’s related to your product or service. We offer a FREE Business Growth package, several different E-Books and access to a FREE video training series.

2. Help your prospect solve a problem. Forget positioning pieces and other pomp and circumstance. Give your offer value. For someone having mould problems, offering a “FREE mould reduction kit” is more appealing and relevant than “a FREE brochure about the ABC Mould Removal Company.” Aim to solve particular problems that your target market have.

3. Stay focused on getting the lead. Do not get carried away with the creative aspects of designing a mail piece or ad. Keep your message as simple and lean as possible. The idea is to peak your prospect’s interest in the FREE thing you are offering and get them request it. Do not talk about your company, then tack on an offer. Focus the whole message on the freebie and the value it can deliver. We start with an overly broad ad that gains interest in what we have to offer and follow up with a second and third ad to narrow down the audience to only those that show interest in our offers.

4. Gather the information you need to make a sale. The only reason for offering something FREE is to get a name, email address, phone number, and other information to build your database. So, make sure your reply sequence asks for the necessary data. Be careful if you ask for an e-mail response, though, because the prospect may not give you everything you need. Ideally you want to direct the prospect to your Landing Page so create a special URL that will ask for contact information first, otherwise your prospect will wander around your site and leave without providing the data you want. Driving leads directly into a Chatbot flow is also a highly effective way to connect with your leads, deliver what they want and start building a relationship.

5. Follow up fast. Hot leads cool off quickly. When you get an inquiry, send the FREE offer immediately and do not delay. If you incorporate a Chatbot in your funnel, then the information gathered from the conversation will help qualify the lead further and make the sales process more efficient.

6. Fine tune your ad program and constantly test and measure results. Once you have a lead generation program in place, evaluate the performance of your ad and the engagement being achieved using the digital tools available. Do not be afraid to stop an ad and make changes if the audience is not engaging as much as expected as this is one strength of digital advertising.

Currently the lowest cost and most efficient method for our clients to gain very targeted exposure to their ideal market is by using the Facebook and Google platforms.

Investing in digital marketing services can help your company gain more leads, conversions, and revenue. If you are ready to take your business to new heights, contact us online and let us show how we can help you.

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