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What Might You Be Missing In Your Business
Written by Stephen Scammell on 4th May 2020

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Have you wondered why some businesses are struggling while others seem to be constantly  growing? Do you struggle to maintain the same profits from year to year? 

Well in my consulting business I frequently see business owners not realizing what might be right  in front of them that they could be doing differently to be more successful in their business. Instead they just put up with mediocre results and unfortunately, sometimes not even realize it. 

It might be something they are doing that is in fact a waste of time or at least something they  should at least delegate. They do it because they see their competition doing it, or “…that is the way it has always been done…”, they continue to do things that are perhaps impacting their bottom line, but unfortunately not in a positive way. 

I find it interesting in conversations when I ask how they get their customers, clients or patients.  They will tell me things like, they run Facebook ads, they get referrals, go to networking events, hire people to make sales calls or just hope someone comes through the door etc., etc. 

Then when I ask them if they know how successful each of these activities are and how much  business each tactic brings into their business they can’t tell me. Many for example are spending money on Facebook and Google advertising, using up precious money to advertise in a space where their prospects might not even be spending their time. However, because they see their 
competition advertise there, they firmly believe that they should too. I have nothing against  advertising on Facebook or any other social media platform, but if you’re not measuring the success of the money you’re spending then why continue to do it. 

Most are not noticing and therefore missing other more profitable opportunities. Then when I ask  them if they reach out to current and past clients to find out why they buy or have previously bought their product or service, they often reveal that they are a bit “afraid” of what they might find out. That makes no sense to me, as I see that as a lost opportunity. Not only to possibly win back lost business, but to find out why past clients left may give some insight that will help the business owner make changes, even if only some slight changes, to ensure that they do everything possible not to lose any additional clients or push away any potential clients. 

So if you want to break free from obtaining mediocre results and achieve the financial and  lifestyle freedom and follow the dreams you may have gone into business for in the first place, then consider the following : 

     ⚙️ Look around your business today and consider the ways you spend your time, money  and resources. What tasks could you delegate freeing you up to focus on your business? 

     ⚙️ Develop ways to connect with your existing customer base and regularly check you’re  exceeding their expectations when                 they do business with you.

     ⚙️ What could you do differently to make it easier for your prospects to connect and  eventually do business with you.

     ⚙️ Do you know where you want to be in 5 years and have a clear plan on how to get there

There are numerous ways to stay connected with your existing customers and make it attractive  for your lost customers to do business with you again. There are many more tasks we can add to this list to help you stand above your competition and deliver real value to your customers. 

If you feel stuck give us a call and I’m sure we can find a number of ways to get more clients,  customers or patients coming through your doors.
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