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Make Referrals A Diamond Mine For Your Business
Written by Stephen Scammell on Nov. 3rd 2020

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Why are happy clients a Diamond mine for a business? It’s because, if you ask them in the right way and use the right words they will refer you and your business to their friends and relatives.

It’s easy, and unfortunately common, for business owners to underestimate the value of a referral from a happy and satisfied client. Clients or customers who come to you as referrals come with high levels of trust, you don’t have to compete on price as referrals come knowing you can solve their problems.

So, as a savvy business owner it is important for you to design your referral system in a way that attracts your “ideal” clients.
Some business owners go about getting referrals the wrong way. They think if they just say the right words, their customers will happily give them referrals.

There is a right way of asking for referrals, but you have to lay the groundwork before you start.

You need happy clients, clients who have been enthralled by your service, you have solved their problems, they’ve been impressed by your interest in them and extremely satisfied with what you do by going beyond what they expect.

Your goal as a business is to deliver so much value for your clients and other referral sources that they will be eager to have their friends, family and associates gain the same benefits of what you and your business offer.

To maximize one of the key profit drivers in your business, you want to nurture long-term customer relationships and have your clients and customers stay with you for life. This is much easier to do if you are operating under a customer-centred business model.

However if your business is transaction-based, you can still nurture your customer relationships by giving them great service, by remembering their birthdays and anniversaries, sending them little surprise gifts, providing educational tips related to your industry and so on. If you want some more detail I talked about this back in the June 2020 Blog.

For businesses with happy clients, systems designed for getting profitable referrals are much more effective. With the implementation of referral systems you can create a Diamond mine for your business by earning your clients’ trust and giving them an exceptional experience.

If you don’t have the time and energy to do this for all of your clients/customers, then concentrate on your top 20%.

I highly recommend you tap into this strategy and make it a key pillar of your business. Implement this and you will see a steady stream of new clients coming into your business, bringing with them more profits for you and your business.

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