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1. How much do you charge for your services?
Our initial meeting with you is free. 

You can book the Obligation Free Meeting here. 

The intention of this meeting is to understand your business purpose and needs, to establish our credibility with you and to see if there is anything that we can help you with. If we are a mutually good fit, then we will agree on a commercial rate with you.

Charges are based on a rate appropriate to the service we are providing. Most of the time this involves a fixed fee for a mutually agreed upon result that you want to achieve.
It is the experience of Starstruck Marketing that our fee will come out of the increased revenue our strategies will bring in. As such, you will not be billed up front, you will only be billed when the increase in revenue has been achieved.
2. Who and what kind of businesses do you work with?
We only work contractually with established businesses who are very motivated to double or triple their sales in the next 6 to 12 months.
That said, we are happy to provide free consultancy to highly motivated start-up companies in order to steer them towards early success.
3. What can Starstruck Marketing do for my business?
Starstruck Marketing ultimately helps your business revenue grow.

Many businesses cannot afford a full-time Marketing Manager or the expense of an agency.

How can we help such businesses?

We provide you with the opportunity to hire a Business Marketing Specialist on a consultancy basis to manage results driven marketing programs.

Having us involved in your business will ensure that your marketing goals are in line with your business deliverables. We will also determine the best positioning for your company in the market and how to communicate this to your pre-qualified leads. Pre-qualified leads are the potential customers that might already know what you can offer but have yet to engage your services.
4. I have dealt with coaches and consultants in the past, what do you bring different to the table?
If you identified with this question you will have dealt with consultants before and be looking for a point of difference with respect to how we might help you achieve your goals.

Our Obligation Free Meeting will put you in a position to understand the difference we will make so this is your next step.

Our priority is to help you build a successful business within a short period of time. We implement the latest Online Marketing Strategies to bring Awareness of your product and services to a finely targeted market.We ask the right questions to pre-qualify the prospects who are ready to buy your product or service.

We offer a Results based service.

It is only when you reach the results we have mutually agreed upon, i.e. the pre-determined revenue point at which a fee comes out from that increased revenue, that will we receive that fee. From this point, we can help you with 2x to 10x growth. 

So go ahead and book your Free consultation here.   
5. How long will your services last?
The time will depend upon various factors which include: your goals, the kind of sales you want to achieve, the number of clients you would like to have or the amount of revenue goal you have for the year.
These are some of the metrics that we discuss and chart out in our initial meeting.

From here we create various strategies and start implementing these one at a time, beginning with the ones that cost less and are less risky, yet have the ability to increase the metrics like getting more leads or bringing in more foot traffic to the store.
6. I don't have time to implement strategies, do you only advise or can you help with implementation of strategies?
We do BOTH! We are not traditional business and marketing consultants!!

We understand that most business owners are working "IN" the business and as much as they wish it was different, they do not have the TIME, KNOWLEDGE or RESOURCES to work "ON" the business.

For this reason, we came up with a system that advises you about and implements our strategies in a way that is based on your needs and goals. Off course we will need your help in implementing some of the strategies as these might require staff involvement.
7. What if your strategies do not bring in the expected results?
The only way our strategies might not bring the expected results is if:
     1. You fail to implement the strategies in the way we tell you to
     2. You try and cut corners when you implement the strategies
     3. Your staff refuse or are not motivated enough to implement the strategies
     4. Your product or service is not up to the mark and you start getting returns and/or bad reviews
     5. You change your goals or your expectations without discussing with us

We plan and implement tested strategies and we know these work!
As long as we work together, plan and analyse, your product or service is ready for delivery, we train to deliver a great experience and follow-up and track everything, then there is no reason for a lack of success. We understand your possible apprehension and uncertainty.
Remember .. you are reading this document about our online marketing business BECAUSE you are searching for a solution!
We are in the business of delivering growth and stand by our guarantee.
8. Would you work on commission basis only?
Working on a commission basis is not a model that we prefer but we are happy to discuss your reasons for this request and work out a temporary offer.
As we have mentioned before, we bring in fast result - in terms of profit, so essentially, you will not be paying from your pocket but rather, from the profits that you have gained by working with us and would not have had in the first place.
9. How quickly can i expect to see results?
You should be seeing results within 60-90 days, depending upon how well set up your current systems are.
If a client does not have Social Media accounts or they are not posting valuable content consistently or do not have an Ads account, the story might be different.

We analyse your current marketing and the results you are getting. If nothing is in place, then it takes a bit longer. If the essentials are in place, then we might only have to make few changes and you should start seeing results within 30-45 days.
10. Why are you offering a free business growth package valued at $500?
Glad you asked!!
We strongly believe in giving upfront value. So … we created a Business Growth Package with valuable content, a few goodies and a BONUS gift. 

Everything included in the package is designed to help you with ideas and strategies that you can start implementing in your business.

Our strategies, if implemented correctly, will help grow your business with More Leads, More Conversions and More Customers. We hope you will receive this gift in the spirit in which it is intended. Our wish is to see you thrive via a positive ripple effect model of service.

We would also urge you to join our Business Meetup Group. This is a meeting of a maximum of 10 business owners just like you.
In this meetup, we sit down together in a round table format and discuss each other’s business challenges and struggles and we brainstorm solutions. The idea is that you then go back and implement these ideas in your business.

There is a small fee to join the monthly meetup and you can cancel anytime. 
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